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Training and Course Content for Corporate Trainers

Provide employees with the expertise and professional development training that can increase productivity, help employers maintain industry competitiveness, and reduce operational risks.   

Learn regulations, earn certificates and continuing education credits that you can use to impress current or potential employers. 

Choose from 100+ industry-specific risk, regulatory, and compliance training courses made and regulatory updated by actual practicing attorneys.

Train Customers, Employers, and Employees on  Regulations From Anywhere in the World, Anytime.


Deliver training that stands out

Whether your goal is to train employees in-house or launch your own practice as a corporate trainer, our train-the-trainer courses provide everything you need to succeed. Gain the skills, knowledge, and curriculum required to confidently train and certify drug and alcohol testers.

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Content created and reviewed by attorneys

Our training programs are accessible and affordable that include the most current regulations. Our expert legal researchers closely monitor industries for changes at state and federal levels. You can be confident that the training materials you receive are up-to-date and accurate.

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Content delivered using SCORM

The majority of our training courses are SCORM compatible which  means they comply with industry standards for eLearning. By using SCROM it allows trainers to use a third-party LMS to host and deliver content to your employees, clients, and other interested parties.

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Top rated customer service

Our team is credible, responsive, and a reliable source for risk, regulatory, and compliance training. Our mission is to provide value and exceptional customer service. We are committed to the success of every student and we aren’t satisfied unless you are too.


Offer CEU credits to employees and students

Download a certificate of completion immediately after passing the exam at the end of your online course and earn a wide range of Continuing Education Credits that are often required for the maintenance or recertification of a professional license.

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Content creators at your disposal

Think of us as an on-demand content development team. We help corporate, and third-party trainers develop premium content that they can use on our LMS or any third-party learning management system that supports SCROM.

Trusted by individuals, employers, credentialing organizations, and professional practices to provide exceptional regulatory training courses for the workplace solutions.

Legal & Regulatory Research

Diversifying a Practice with Drug Testing

Diversifying a Practice with Drug Testing

Opening an individual practice can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you are a chiropractor, a physician, or some other medical professional running their own practice, you also know the struggles of trying to keep a practice open and busy. While looking within your...

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