Drug-Free Workplace Training for Employees

Drug-Free Workplace Training for Employees is a one-hour online course created by drug-free workplace expert and attorney Andrew Easler and was designed to help employers develop and maintain a drug-free workplace and to provide learners with the necessary tools and knowledge to establish and maintain a drug-free workplace and comply with required and recommended employee drug and alcohol awareness training under federal and state regulations as part of an EAP. 

Regular drug-free workplace training for employees is essential for the following reasons:

  • Safety: Substance abuse in the workplace poses significant safety risks to employees, increasing the likelihood of accidents, injuries, and impaired decision-making. By educating employees about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, employers can create a safer work environment.

  • Legal Compliance: Many federal and state regulations require employers to maintain a drug-free workplace. Training employees on the company's drug policies, federal regulations, and applicable state laws helps ensure compliance and reduces legal liabilities.

  • Productivity: Substance abuse negatively impacts productivity, leading to absenteeism, decreased focus, and poor job performance. Employers can enhance productivity and overall work performance by educating employees about the benefits of a drug-free workplace and the potential consequences of substance abuse.

  • Risk Mitigation: Implementing effective drug-free workplace policies and providing training helps employers minimize the risk of liability associated with substance abuse-related incidents. It demonstrates due diligence and proactive measures to prevent substance abuse, protecting the organization from legal and financial repercussions.

  • Employee Well-being: Drug-free workplace training raises awareness about the detrimental effects of substance abuse on personal health and well-being. Employers can promote a supportive environment and encourage employees to seek help when needed by equipping employees with knowledge and resources to address substance abuse issues.

  • Federal & State Compliance: Federal agencies, such as the Department of Transportation (DOT), require specific drug and alcohol training for employees in safety-sensitive positions. Drug-free workplace training ensures compliance with these regulatory requirements.

  • Reputation and Employee Morale: A strong commitment to maintaining a drug-free workplace enhances the organization's reputation and fosters positive employee morale. Employees feel safer, valued, and more engaged when they work in an environment free from the negative impact of substance abuse.

By investing in drug-free workplace training for employees, employers demonstrate their dedication to creating a safe, compliant, and productive work environment while safeguarding the well-being of their employees and for in-house learning and development teams or businesses with pre-existing third-party learning management systems seeking a smooth transition, we have made our SCORM files available for licensing. This ensures a rapid and seamless integration process, keeping your training resources up-to-date.

Enroll in the Drug-Free Workplace Training for Employees online with our user-friendly online learning platform, or request a proposal for on-site training for a more immersive learning experience and organizations and resellers, we offer licensable SCORM courseware that integrates seamlessly into your third-party Learning Management System (LMS).

Drug-Free Workplace Training for Employees is a one-hour online course created to meet or exceed the employee training standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for various agencies such as the FMCSA, FAA, FTA, FRA, USCG, and non-DOT regulated employers. Training ensures compliance and prepares employees to make informed decisions regarding drug and alcohol use in the workplace.

Training covers the effects and consequences of prohibited drug and alcohol use on personal health, safety, and overall work, and employees gain awareness and understanding of the potential dangers associated with substance abuse. They learn to recognize behavioral cues, signs, and symptoms indicating prohibited drug and alcohol use, empowering them to take proactive measures.

A well-trained workforce is more adept at identifying and reporting changes in behavior that may signify a substance issue, enabling employers to intervene early and mitigate safety risks, creating a safer, healthier, and more productive workplace by providing employees with the knowledge and resources necessary to address substance abuse.

The self-paced course allows employees to learn independently, using engaging videos, informative documents, helpful resources, and practical guides. Upon successfully passing the online exam, employees can immediately download a certificate of completion, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining a safe and drug-free work environment.

By enrolling employees in drug-free workplace training, learners will meet the required and recommended training standards under federal and state regulations, fulfilling the employee drug and alcohol awareness training requirements of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The Drug-Free Workplace Training for Employees aims to achieve the following objectives, enabling employees to:

  • Understanding the Effects and Consequences of Prohibited Drug Use: Employees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how prohibited drug use impacts personal health, safety, and the work environment. They will be able to identify and articulate the potential consequences associated with drug use in these contexts.

  • Recognition of Signs and Symptoms of Prohibited Drug Use: Employees will develop the ability to recognize signs and symptoms that may indicate prohibited drug use in themselves or their coworkers. This includes understanding behavioral cues and physical manifestations that may be indicative of drug use.

  • Comprehension of Course Objectives: By the end of the training, employees will clearly understand the course objectives, which include knowledge of the effects of prohibited drug use and the ability to recognize signs and symptoms. This understanding will be demonstrated by achieving a 75% or greater proficiency score on the online quiz.

  • Application of Knowledge to Real-Life Scenarios: Employees will be able to apply the knowledge acquired during the training to real-life situations. They will understand how to respond appropriately when faced with potential drug-related issues in the workplace and know the steps to take to ensure a safe and drug-free environment.

  • Compliance with Federal and State Regulations: Employees will recognize the importance of complying with federal and state regulations regarding drug and alcohol awareness training. They will understand that this training is a requirement under these regulations and will be aware of the specific mandates applicable to their industry.

  • Promoting a Safe and Supportive Work Environment: Employees will understand their role in contributing to a safe work environment by maintaining a drug-free workplace. They will be encouraged to report any concerns related to prohibited drug use, follow established policies and procedures, and actively participate in creating a supportive atmosphere for their colleagues.

By successfully achieving these training objectives, employees will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions regarding drug use, recognize signs of prohibited drug use, and contribute to a safe and productive work environment. This training will empower employees to prioritize personal well-being, safety, and the organization's overall success.


Compliant with State Regulations

This course is made to meet or exceed the training standards and requirements set by the specific state, province, or territory for which it was created and intended. Please note that additional licensing, permits, or registrations may be necessary and should be obtained from the relevant state agencies as needed.


Content Made and Reviewed by Attorneys

Taking a course developed and reviewed by attorneys with expertise in their subjects ensures learners receive accurate and relevant content. Their specialized knowledge translates into practical insights, preparing learners for real-world applications.


Collector Support® for Drug Testing

Learners, managers, and supervisors have direct access to our team of trainers for inquiries, assistance, or questions. Reach out to a US-based trainer by calling or sending an email. We are committed to responding quickly during regular business hours, ensuring you receive timely support to enhance your learning experience.


Learn On-the-Go: Accessible Education Anytime, Anywhere

Our eLearning platform, with its intuitive design, is accessible across all modern desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, ensuring a seamless learning experience. Our courses remain active until completion, eliminating the need to rush and promoting better retention, performance in practice, and reduced errors compared to conventional training methods.


Credits Expire Only After Acceptance

Content credits provide a flexible approach to training, only expiring when the user accepts the course invitation. This means training managers can purchase credits ahead of time, enjoy cost savings, and be free to allocate training as it suits training schedules or organizational needs.


Estimated 2 Hours of Learning

This course includes an estimated 2 hours of content and training and was made to meet or exceed all relevant federal or state training hour mandates, as well as any other certification or qualification requirements. While the duration is for planning and compliance purposes, the completion time may vary according to each learner’s pace, reading speed, and comprehension ability.


Download Certificates Upon Completion

After course completion, learners can immediately download their training certificates. Managers and trainers will also have the ability to view and download certificates for their employees, streamlining the documentation of completed training.


Instant Manager Account with 2+ Content Credits

With the purchase of two or more credits, a manager account is automatically created. This account streamlines the process of inviting employees, consolidates training certificates, and assists with general compliance and certification training audits.


Volume Discounts

Did you know that our course credits never expire? This provides the flexibility to stock up and learn from anywhere in the world and at any time. Plus, purchasing in bulk is cost-effective, as volume discounts are automatically applied during checkout, providing more value for your investment.


Additional Resources

Learners looking to expand their learning experience can purchase additional resources like books and guides or subscribe to our social media accounts on Linkedin and YouTube to reinforce their knowledge. These tools and resources strengthen ability, improve practical skills, and enhance compliance and practical rule application.

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