Train-the-Trainer Training provides qualification training for corporate trainers to qualify others in drug and alcohol testing. Trainers can register learners using our platform or choose license our regularly updated, SCORM-compliant content for easy LMS integration, all for a flat-fee per user, per course.

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DOT Urine Specimen Collector Train-the-Trainer

DOT Urine Specimen Collector Train-the-Trainer


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DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Train-the-Trainer

DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Train-the-Trainer


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Non-DOT Oral Fluid Collector Train-the-Trainer

Non-DOT Oral Fluid Collector Train-the-Trainer


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Non-DOT Urine Specimen Collector Train-the-Trainer

Non-DOT Urine Specimen Collector Train-the-Trainer


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Non-DOT Hair Specimen Collector Train-the-Trainer

Non-DOT Hair Specimen Collector Train-the-Trainer


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DOT Oral Fluid Collector Train-the-Trainer

DOT Oral Fluid Collector Train-the-Trainer


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We qualify other in-house and corporate trainers to train others to perform training for DOT and non-DOT collector courses and alcohol technician training.

Are you eager to expand your professional skill set? Our innovative Train-the-Trainer courses in drug and alcohol testing could be the necessary stepping stone. These comprehensive courses are designed by Andrew Easler, Esq., a high school teacher-turned-attorney whose vast knowledge and practical experience bring invaluable insights to our curriculum.

Our program covers various subjects, including DOT Urine Collector Training, Hair Collector Training, DOT and Non-DOT Oral Fluid Collector Training, and DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Training. Your journey begins with flexible, self-paced online modules that break down complex subjects into understandable and engaging content. You can learn from the comfort of your own home, on your schedule, allowing you to maintain a work-life balance while pursuing professional development.

Our courses don't stop at theory, though. We provide an opportunity to perform dry mock collections virtually, offering a hands-on, practical experience that emulates real-life situations. This approach ensures that when you're faced with real-world scenarios, you won't be caught off guard but will feel confident and prepared.

These courses are more than just a pathway to new career prospects. They provide a chance to make a tangible impact on public health and safety within your community. Whether you're an experienced professional seeking to enhance your repertoire or a newcomer eager to dive into a rewarding and meaningful career, our training program is tailored to meet your needs.

So why wait? Dive into the world of drug and alcohol testing training and turn your career aspirations into reality. Enroll today and join a network of professionals dedicated to fostering healthier and safer communities.

  • Boost your skillset.
  • Train others.
  • Empower your career.
  • Make an impact.
  • Shape a safer future.

Become a DOT urine collector train the trainer, and start qualifying other collectors for DOT-regulated collections.

When it comes to safety in the transportation industry, there's no room for compromise. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has stringent regulations in place, particularly concerning drug and alcohol testing, to ensure maximum safety on our roads, in the air, and on the seas, and by understanding these regulations, their implications, and how to conduct testing effectively is crucial to avoid unnecessary drugs and alcohol testing compliance issues. This is where steps in, offering DOT Urine Train-the-Trainer training for in-house and corporate trainers.

DOT-regulated urine drug testing is a mandatory requirement for safety-sensitive transportation industry roles which includes many professionals, from truck drivers and train operators to aviation staff and pipeline workers, with a mission to prevent accidents and mishaps caused by using illegal substances or the misuse of legal ones by identifying and managing such cases can ensure safer, more reliable operations.

Being well-versed in these regulations, the testing procedures and their legal nuances are crucial to maintaining drug screening compliance, proper chain-of-customers, and avoiding lawsuits and fatal flaws, it is not just knowledge of medical terms and testing techniques but also a clear understanding of the laws that govern them, and by learning how to be a trainer for DOT urine collections from a training company whose courses are developed by attorneys, like  meet the strictest of standards and provides accurate, up-to-date knowledge of the current legal landscape around DOT-regulated urine drug testing.

Don't compromise on safety or risk legal pitfalls; ensure collectors are well-prepared for DOT-regulated urine drug testing.

  • Courses designed by attorneys.
  • Mitigate risk and enhance safety.
  • Compliance with 40 CFR Part 40
  • Train others.

We help trainers become superior breath alcohol testing trainers with our thoughtful train-the-trainer courses. continues its mission of providing superior training with our DOT Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) Train-the-Trainer training. Our courses have been carefully designed to ensure that trainers are well-equipped to train third parties effectively in administering breath alcohol tests following DOT regulations.

In the world of transportation, where safety is paramount, the role of a Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) is critical. Bats are responsible for conducting alcohol testing using evidential breath testing (EBT) devices on employees in safety-sensitive transportation positions and play a significant role in identifying alcohol misuse, promoting safety, and ensuring compliance with DOT regulations.

The DOT mandates stringent protocols for breath alcohol testing to maintain the testing process's integrity, safeguard the employees' privacy, and ensure that the test results are attributed to the correct employee,  and understanding these protocols and learning to execute them flawlessly requires high-quality, comprehensive training.

Our DOT BAT Train-the-Trainer course is built to meet these standards. The course is designed to teach trainers the theory and practical aspects of alcohol testing and the associated regulations, privacy issues, and procedural requirements and also emphasize the potential challenges and scenarios that may arise during testing, preparing your trainers to handle any situation with confidence and compliance.

When your trainers take our training-the-trainer course, they learn the knowledge hand-picked by subject matter experts and attorneys, ensuring that all the legal implications, recent changes in law, and potential liabilities are covered.

We understand that BATs are critical in ensuring safety within the transportation industry. At, our dedication to safety and responsibility in the workplace is at the heart of everything we do, mainly when training Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs). Our goal is not just to provide information but to foster an environment of legal awareness, responsibility, and compliance.

  • Promoting safety and responsibility.
  • Beyond technical skills
  • Proper BAT training.
  • Become a qualified trainer.

Training trainers to qualify third parties for DOT and non-DOT oral fluid drug testing.

At, we are proud of the original courses we have created and with our training designed by attorneys, we ensure that all legal aspects related to oral fluid testing are covered thoroughly and, most importantly accurate. This careful attention to detail is a key part of our commitment to delivering training of the highest standard to our clients.

Oral fluid drug testing, also known as saliva testing, is a method used for drug detection that is gaining traction in both DOT-regulated and non-DOT sectors. This technique involves collecting a saliva sample from an individual's mouth, which is then analyzed for the presence of specific drugs. The rising popularity of this dug testing method is due to its non-invasive nature, ease of collection, and the decreased likelihood of sample adulteration, as the collection process can be directly observed.

The implementation of oral fluid testing for DOT-regulated employers by the Department of Transportation on June 1, 2023, marked a significant step in evolving drug detection methods within safety-sensitive industries. This adaptation reflects the ongoing efforts to enhance the efficacy of drug testing procedures, ensuring a safer, drug-free work environment in the transportation sector and beyond.

Understanding the potential of this evolving landscape, we offer oral fluid collector train-the-trainer courses, and they are designed to qualify trainers in the oral fluid collection and to train third parties. Enrolling in a train-the-trainer course, corporate trainers will be provided with the knowledge and ensure the testing method's best practices, techniques, and legal aspects are followed.

Non-DOT-focused training, we provide specific procedures that cover state-specific regulations. We ensure your trainers understand the state laws that govern testing, including, but not limited to, the technical nuances, legal implications of testing, and proper chain of custody.  

Although non-DOT regulated employers may not be legally required to follow the DOT's protocols, the principles of oral fluid collection, its advantages, and its application remain universally relevant, training help trainers in non-DOT sectors implement best practices that help organizations maintain a drug-free work environment. is committed to helping your trainers excel in their training roles, and with our train-the-trainer courses, they will be empowered to train others in this increasingly prevalent drug detection method effectively.

  • Attorney-designed courses.
  • Promoting drug-free workspaces.
  • Learn testing procedures.
  • Empowering trainers
  • Ensure proper chain of custody.

Become an expert trainer for non-DOT urine collection with our comprehensive state-compliant courses.

At, we understand the significance of drug testing across various industries, not just those regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This understanding has guided our experienced team in developing practical training courses for learners interested in becoming a trainer in non-DOT urine collections.

Urine drug testing is a widely recognized and used method for drug detection because the collection method is efficient, reliable, and capable of identifying a range of substances, and to achieve accurate and legally defensible results, the testing process, from collection to reporting results, must be conducted with precision, sensitivity, and integrity.

Our Non-DOT urine collector train-the-trainer training provides learners with all the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct urine drug testing and training with professionalism and compliance, and each train-the-trainer course includes hands-on training on correct collection techniques, storage and handling procedures, and maintaining appropriate chain of custody documentation.

While Non-DOT-regulated employers are not mandated to follow the DOT's protocols, they must follow state and local laws and regulations. It is essential to have courses developed by attorneys, ensuring all legal aspects of the testing procedure are thoroughly covered. Our trainers educate learners about potential legal implications, the rights of the tested individuals, and the importance of safeguarding these rights. This legal grounding is critical given the sensitive nature of drug testing and its potential impact on individuals' privacy and employment rights.

With, trainers can ensure their organization stays on the right side of drug testing procedures, upholds a safe and healthy work environment, and maintains professionalism and integrity in its operations.

  • Legally defensible.
  • Compliance focused.
  • Uphold workplace integrity and safety.
  • Become a trainer for drug testing.

Our hair specimen collector train-the-trainer course allows you to perform testing and train others.

At, we don't just offer train-the-trainer training for urine, oral, and breath alcohol. We also offer hair drug testing train-the-trainer training, expertly crafted for learners who want to become trainers for both in-house applications and training third parties.

Hair drug testing is recognized for its unique ability to provide a comprehensive history of drug usage over a longer timeframe than other testing techniques. It is typically used to detect drug use over a longer period than urine or oral fluid tests. The standard detection window for hair tests is approximately 90 days, based on the average rate of hair growth, which is about half an inch per month. The test typically involves cutting a small sample of hair (about 1.5 inches) as close to the scalp as possible, which provides a record of drug use for the past three months.

It's important to note that hair testing does not provide information about recent drug use. It takes approximately 5-7 days from drug use for the drug-infused hair to grow above the scalp, where it can be collected. It is also worth mentioning that several factors can affect the sensitivity of the test and the detection window, such as the rate of the individual's hair growth, the type and amount of drug used, and the frequency of use.

Our hair drug testing train-the-trainer course provides learners with the necessary knowledge and skills not only to accurately collect hair samples but also to instruct third parties effectively in this precise procedure, and throughout the course, we provide learners a robust understanding of the correct hair sample collection techniques, preserving both the integrity of the sample and the individual's privacy and dignity. We also provide best practices for handling and storing hair samples, accurate documentation for a proper chain of custody, and handling test results through mock collections and scenario training. 

Crafted by attorneys, we help learners understand the legal complexities surrounding hair testing, including potential disparities that could impact different ethnicities, the need to confirm positive results to eliminate the possibility of environmental contamination, and the crucial considerations concerning individual privacy rights.

  • Train others on hair drug testing.
  • Learn chain-of-custody
  • Created by attorneys.
  • Longer detection times.
  • Campion workplace safety.

Qualified trainers gain access to a trainer account to register their third-party learned in industry-leading content.

At, we recognize the importance of providing continuous support and resources to trainers once they become qualified. That's why we grant instructor access to our learning platform for qualified trainers, enabling them to register their learners for proficiency courses.

With instructor access, trainers can register new users seamlessly for proficiency courses at a cost-effective rate. These courses encompass the most current and relevant content for each testing modality. They are designed by attorneys and industry experts, ensuring the course material is comprehensive, accurate, and compliant with the latest legal and industry standards.

Once qualified rainers are given the tools and resources they need to deliver effective and impactful training, we empower trainers to efficiently manage their learners and maintain the highest standards in training by providing instructor access to our platform.

We understand that our trainers serve a critical role not just as educators but also as advocates for maintaining workplace integrity, compliance, and safety across various sectors. Trainers are on the front lines, instilling the importance of proper legal awareness and compliance procedures and imparting best practices that directly contribute to creating safer, more complain, and more productive work environments.

Our commitment to supporting our trainers goes beyond providing them access to our leading-edge training platform. We see our role as partners in their journey, continually investing in developing and refining our course content and ensuring that it is always up-to-date with the latest industry standards, scientific advances, and legal regulations.

  • DOT urine collector training.
  • Non-DOT urine collector training.
  • Oral fluid collector training.
  • Breath alcohol technician training.
  • Hair specimen collector training.
  • EBT device training.
  • Regularly adding new trainer courses.

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