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EaslerLMS is a common sense learning management system allowing you to upload original content and access a library of engaging, industry-specific training content for everyday use with no unnecessary restrictions or hidden costs.

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James White
James White
Andrew Easler, Esq.
Andrew Easler, Esq.

A message from co-founder James White.

Welcome to, a company I co-founded with attorney, instructional designer, and former high-school teacher Andrew Easler.

We're passionate about helping people learn, and we understand that finding the right learning management system can be a significant challenge.

That's why we designed our EaslerLMS platform to be affordable and effective without unnecessary restrictions or expensive add-ons.

With our platform, you can deliver your original content or choose from attorney-crafted content, all without breaking the bank.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer support. We know that you need answers quickly when you have questions or concerns, and that's why our well-trained help desk is available to support you and your organization by phone and email so you never have to wait days or weeks for a response.

From our initial launch in 2018 to our overhauled release in late 2022, developing a comprehensive learning management system has taken time and a tremendous commitment. However, it is a job that can only ever partially finish. We incorporate your feedback and consistently work to improve our platform for a better user experience, such as adding new, helpful, common-sense features that benefit our users.

If you want to try our system, please accept my invitation to walk you through EaslerLMS.

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Continuous Feature Updates
SCORM Compatible
Unlimited Course Uploads
Annual Content Credits (rollover)
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Custom Training Certificates & Renewal Alerts
Dynamic Learner Tags
Regular Course Additions by Experts
E-Commerce (Stripe)
Ready-Made Website
Migration Support
Real-time Support (Slack, Phone, Email)
White Label Domain
API Access (Portals & Managers)


We are trusted by professionals, employers, and organizations to provide exceptional workplace training content.

Based on 87 reviews

Louise Brogdon
May, 20 2023

Andrew and Jennifer made the whole experience much more enjoyable.

Duane Glynn
May, 17 2023

Their innovative approach to law and their youthful energy made the whole process a pleasure

Yumeng Zhao
May, 16 2023

Easler Law is different from other law firms I have contacted with. They charge a $350 flat fee for initial consultation, however it is WELL worth the money. Hear me out - Andrew the attorney made sure to review my documents and my questions carefully before our consultation. He even requested follow up documents before our meeting so he could be better prepared. He made sure to first address my concerns at the beginning of our consultation and was very patient in helping me understand the local laws and was giving suggestions to protect my interests. I have chatted with other firms that offer 15-30 mins free consultation, but that is useless if they don't get into details to understand my case or read my legal document/contract, all their answers were vague and I've came to understand that really is a waste of time. Whereas with Easler Law, you pay upfront but you get the quality service you really need. In addition, Andrew is very reasonable about billing. I can tell he really tried to help me without billing additional fees. And now the firm is actively following up with my case to see if I have resolved it successfully. Overall, I can't recommend Andrew and his firm enough. Finding an attorney that is trustworthy is a difficult and stressful process, I hope more attorneys are like Andrew.

Alicia Lunsford
May, 14 2023

They understood the dynamics and provided solid legal advice.

Steve Johnson
May, 10 2023

it was a odd to have a lawyer send you a direct mail when i was in the process of making a offer a new home and my gut told me to have someone look at it. I paid for the one hour session and learned alot about how Florida laws

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