Who Is Required To Take Supervisor Training?

Drug and alcohol abuse cause serious problems, both in the lives of those dealing with addiction and substance abuse problems and for employers. In the realm of transportation companies, these problems become particularly frightening – the impact of alcohol or drug use on a driver’s ability to safely transport passengers in a company vehicle is compromised, possibly leading to accidents, injuries and even death. Transportation companies can also face significant fines and legal ramifications. DOT drug testing supervisor training is mandated for certain professionals to help alleviate this situation and create a safer environment.

Who Must Have This Training?

In terms of who is required to undergo DOT drug testing supervisor training, the US government mandates that any supervisor who is responsible for sending or referring employees for drug and/or alcohol testing to complete a qualifying training program. In addition, the government mandates that all transportation companies comply with these rules, regardless of the number of covered employees in the company. At one point, the government allowed companies with fewer than 50 covered employees to opt-out of mandated training, but that stance changed in the late 1990s.

However, it’s not limited to supervisors alone. The government requires that all transportation safety personnel, all transportation dispatch personnel, all HR employees, truck drivers, and training instructors complete a qualifying course.

What’s Involved With the Training?

While all DOT drug testing supervisor training programs will vary to some extent depending on the training company offering the program, they must all adhere to some basic criteria. All courses must be at least 120 minutes in duration and must be comprised of a 60-minute block of time dedicated to alcohol abuse, and another 60-minute block dedicated to controlled substance use and abuse. Within each block, attendees will learn valuable skills to help:

• Understand the impact of drug and alcohol abuse
• Understand the potential ramifications of abuse left unreported
• Understand how to implement and enforce companywide alcohol and drug use policies
• How to report employees suspected of drug and alcohol abuse

DOT drug testing supervisor training is focused on creating a safer environment and providing essential help for employees struggling with substance abuse or alcohol addiction problems. If you are an employee in a DOT company, chances are good that training is required. Find a qualified training company and enroll in a course today to ensure company compliance with federal and state mandates.

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  • Published: 12/27/2022
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