USCG Designated Employer Representative Training (DER)

The USCG Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training is a 2-hour self-paced course that provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of their role and responsibilities within the scope of USCG-regulated workplaces. This course is rooted in federal statutes, specifically 49 CFR Part 40 and 46 CFR Part 16, that govern drug and alcohol testing in the maritime industry. Participants will learn to effectively manage a DOT and USCG-compliant drug and alcohol-free workplace policy within their organization.

A Designated Employer Representative (DER) is essential in creating and maintaining a drug and alcohol-free workplace, ensuring compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and USCG regulations, and is the pivotal contact point for all matters related to drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures, from delivering necessary training to employees to making informed decisions about when to conduct tests and record a refusal.

This course provides learners with the knowledge and tools to ensure their organization adheres to DOT and USCG regulations, fostering a safe, productive, and compliant work environment.  The USCG Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training would be especially beneficial for:

  • Individuals appointed as the Designated Employer Representative (DER) in a USCG-regulated workplace.
  • Managers and supervisors in the maritime industry need to understand and maintain a drug and alcohol-free work environment.
  • HR professionals in maritime organizations are responsible for overseeing drug and alcohol policies.
  • Compliance officers in the maritime industry ensure adherence to DOT and USCG regulations.
  • Small business owners in the maritime industry seek to establish a drug and alcohol-free environment.
  • Marine safety officers and other personnel involved in maritime safety and compliance.
  • Professionals in the maritime industry looking to enhance their knowledge of federal regulations related to drug and alcohol testing.

DERs will be fully prepared to manage a DOT and USCG-compliant drug and alcohol-free workplace policy upon completion. Enrolling in USCG DER Training invests in workplace safety, productivity, and ethical standards, ultimately promoting an environment free of substance misuse and encouraging responsible workplace practices.

USCG Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training, designed by subject matter expert and attorney Andrew Easler, is a 2-hour online program that qualifies DERs and prepares them to manage a drug and alcohol-free workplace in USCG-regulated environments.

A DER serves as a central figure in the drug and alcohol testing program, overseeing the program's administration, making informed decisions about testing, recording refusals, and ensuring regulatory compliance, and is critical in any organization, especially those regulated by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).

The training explores a DER's responsibilities under federal statutes, particularly 49 CFR Part 40 and 46 CFR Part 16, which govern drug and alcohol testing in the maritime industry, forming the backbone of a DER's function within a USCG-regulated workplace, and covers a variety of topics, providing learners with a robust understanding of their role as a DER.

DER training is critical for ensuring that your workplace stays compliant with the complex web of federal regulations surrounding drug and alcohol testing. With a well-trained DER, organizations can avoid potential regulatory pitfalls, maintain a safe and productive work environment, reduce liability risks, and uphold high ethical standards.

Upon completing USCG DER Training, DERs will be fully equipped to manage a DOT and USCG-compliant drug and alcohol-free workplace policy, and training is more than just a course. It's an investment in workplace safety, compliance, productivity, and the ongoing welfare of your organization. It is suited best for managers, HR professionals, compliance officers, or business owners, and this training will provide the knowledge and skills needed to promote a responsible and drug-free work environment.

In this DER training course geared toward United States Coast Guard-regulated employers, you will learn everything you need to know to become a DER including:

  • What it means to be a DER;
  • The roles and responsibilities of a DER;
  • The requirements for a DOT Drug Testing Program under USCG regulation 46 CFR Part 16;
  • How to manage a drug and alcohol-free workplace program for DOT-covered employees;
  • The drug and alcohol testing process and how to handle problems in testing;
  • Which regulations apply to your company, and how to stay in compliance;
  • How to select and monitor service agents;
  • Training requirements for employees and supervisors;
  • Which records must be kept and for how long; and
  • Best practices to avoid a poor audit result.

USCG DER Training doesn't merely offer compliance - it presents a roadmap to an ethically sound, productive, and safe work environment. Enroll today and empower your organization with the confidence to navigate the regulatory landscape while promoting a culture of safety and responsibility.

Upon successful completion of the USCG Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training, DERs will be equipped to:

  • Manage a comprehensive drug and alcohol-free workplace policy within their organization, ensuring compliance with DOT and USCG regulations.
  • Provide necessary training to employees, effectively communicating drug and alcohol policies and testing procedures.
  • Make informed decisions on when to initiate substance tests and when to determine a refusal following DOT and USCG guidelines.
  • Handle various drug and alcohol testing scenarios, including pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion tests, following DOT and USCG regulations.
  • Take appropriate actions following a positive drug or alcohol test, including managing consequences and complying with reporting requirements.
  • Uphold employee rights and maintain confidentiality during testing, demonstrating a clear understanding of privacy considerations and legal obligations.
  • Navigate potential legal challenges associated with drug and alcohol use in USCG-regulated workplaces, minimizing liability risks.
  • Cultivate a culture of safety, accountability, and compliance within the organization, fostering responsible practices regarding substance use.
  • Continuously update and adapt drug and alcohol policies in response to evolving DOT and USCG regulations, ensuring ongoing compliance and best practices.
  • Maintain accurate records of all drug and alcohol testing activities for auditing and compliance purposes, adhering to regulatory requirements.
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of industry terms, protocols, and the intricacies of DOT and USCG regulations by successfully completing an online quiz with a proficiency score of 75% or greater.
  • Upon completion, be fully prepared to effectively manage a DOT and USCG-compliant drug and alcohol-free workplace policy within their organization, mitigating risks and promoting a safe and compliant work environment.

DOT Compliant Training

The course is made to meet or exceed the stringent training and certification benchmarks established by federal and state regulatory bodies across all 50 states and their territories, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and any country following DOT regulations for agencies including FMCSA, FAA, FTA, FRA, USCG, and PHMSA, along with other jurisdictions that apply DOT guidelines.


Content Made and Reviewed by Attorneys

Taking a course developed and reviewed by attorneys with expertise in their subjects ensures learners receive accurate and relevant content. Their specialized knowledge translates into practical insights, preparing learners for real-world applications.


Collector Support® for Drug Testing

Learners, managers, and supervisors have direct access to our team of trainers for inquiries, assistance, or questions. Reach out to a US-based trainer by calling or sending an email. We are committed to responding quickly during regular business hours, ensuring you receive timely support to enhance your learning experience.


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Our eLearning platform, with its intuitive design, is accessible across all modern desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, ensuring a seamless learning experience. Our courses remain active until completion, eliminating the need to rush and promoting better retention, performance in practice, and reduced errors compared to conventional training methods.


Credits Expire Only After Acceptance

Content credits provide a flexible approach to training, only expiring when the user accepts the course invitation. This means training managers can purchase credits ahead of time, enjoy cost savings, and be free to allocate training as it suits training schedules or organizational needs.


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Estimated 2 Hours of Learning

This course includes an estimated 2 hours of content and training and was made to meet or exceed all relevant federal or state training hour mandates, as well as any other certification or qualification requirements. While the duration is for planning and compliance purposes, the completion time may vary according to each learner’s pace, reading speed, and comprehension ability.


Download Certificates Upon Completion

After course completion, learners can immediately download their training certificates. Managers and trainers will also have the ability to view and download certificates for their employees, streamlining the documentation of completed training.


Instant Manager Account with 2+ Content Credits

With the purchase of two or more credits, a manager account is automatically created. This account streamlines the process of inviting employees, consolidates training certificates, and assists with general compliance and certification training audits.


Additional Resources

Learners looking to expand their learning experience can purchase additional resources like books and guides or subscribe to our social media accounts on Linkedin and YouTube to reinforce their knowledge. These tools and resources strengthen ability, improve practical skills, and enhance compliance and practical rule application.

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