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Workplace Drug Testing Laws for Alabama

  • Published: 12/19/2022
  • Updated: 12/19/2022

Under Alabama law, a private employer has the option to opt-in to the state Drug-Free Workplace program which provides a workers’ compensation premium discount to those who comply.

The intent of this program is to promote drug-free workplaces so that employers could maximize their levels of productivity, enhance their competitive positions in the marketplace and reach their desired levels of success without experiencing the costs, delays, and tragedies associated with work-related accidents resulting from substance abuse by employees.

Employers create a policy that conforms with the program and apply for a certification to be awarded the discount. Employers have no legal duty to implement a drug testing policy and have the sole discretion to follow the program.

The Alabama Administrative Code added supplemental provisions to the Drug-Free Workplace program that also needs to be followed; employers should review all related statutes to ensure proper compliance.

Alabama’s Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment statute require that employees follow the Federal Department of Transportation procedures or similar reliable procedures.