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Workplace Drug Testing Laws for Utah

  • Published: 12/19/2022
  • Updated: 12/19/2022

Under Utah law, there are drug and alcohol testing requirements that an employer must follow if they wish to have the protection it offers.

The intent when creating the statute was to provide a healthy, safe, and productive workplace, free from the effect of drugs and alcohol. The importance of producing quality products and services is important to employers, employees and the general public.

The legislature found that there was an increased risk of injuries, absenteeism and financial burdens that were created by drug and alcohol abuse and to prevent this was the statute was created. Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation benefits can be denied if the employer followed the requirements under the drug and alcohol statute; They must also follow all the requirements under the specific unemployment or workers comp. statute as well.

An employee may seek damages or job reinstatement if the employer’s test results were inaccurate. Overall the statute prevents an employee to bring a lawsuit to the employer who complies with the rules in the statute.