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Workplace Drug Testing Laws for Arizona

  • Published: 12/19/2022
  • Updated: 12/19/2022

Under Arizona law, there is no requirement for private employers to implement a drug-free workplace policy. However, if an employer chooses to implement a policy, the employer should abide by Arizona’s voluntary drug testing statutes in order to receive protection from the state.

Arizona’s drug-free testing statutes provide employers protection if they abide by all the requirements in the statute. Employers can be guarded against litigation, causes of action, and defamation suits as long as they follow the statute and do not fall within one of the exceptions.

The State of Arizona has allowed the use of Medical Marijuana and this has brought some issues with drug testing and workers’ compensation laws. Employers need to avoid discriminating against an employee solely because of the employee’s status as a registered Medical Marijuana Cardholder.