HIPAA Awareness Training for Business Associates

The HIPAA Awareness Training for Business Associates course was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of business associates that provide services that are covered by HIPAA. This also applies to business associates held liable for HIPAA violations through either the mandatory use of contracts known as “Business Associate Agreements.”

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates that anyone who has access to protected health information (PHI) receives initial training and periodic refresher training. This comprehensive course covers the three primary components of HIPAA compliance: The Privacy Rule, The Security Rule, and The Breach Notification Rule.

This training course was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the organizations, known as “business associates,” who contract with HIPAA-covered entities and health care providers. As a result of recent changes to HIPAA laws, business associates can be indirectly liable under the business associate contract or agreement and directly liable under HIPAA for violations. Such violations include, but are not limited to, failure to implement adequate safeguards and failure to adequately train employees who have access to or are likely to have access to, protected health information as a result of their job responsibilities with the business associate.

Does every employee of a business associate require HIPAA training? Are there exceptions? Does the HIPAA privacy rule apply to electronic, written, or oral PHI? Find out in this online HIPAA Awareness Training for Business Associates course. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates that anyone who has access to protected health information (PHI) receives initial training and periodic refresher training. Easler Education’s HIPAA Awareness Training for Business Associates course is thorough, accurate, and always up to date. In this course, we will cover the three primary components of HIPAA compliance:

  • The Privacy Rule: safeguards all individually identifiable health information and regulates who may have access to PHI, who that information may be disclosed, and under what circumstances it may be disclosed.
  • The Security Rule: addresses safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic PHI (e-PHI), to protect e-PHI from security threats and improper usage, etc.
  • The Breach Notification Rule: a HIPAA requirement that covered entities, like tribal employees, notify patients if the privacy or security of their PHI is compromised in any way.

To ensure that your team involved in providing services to a HIPAA-covered entity receives the most comprehensive and easy to follow training available, trust Easler Education to deliver. Our online training courses are easily accessed from anywhere and can be conveniently taken at an individual’s own pace. A certificate of completion will be available for download immediately upon completion of the course.

The content of every Easler Education course we offer is created by experienced attorneys who specialize in risk, regulatory, and compliance training. You can rest assured that your team will be able to understand all of the applicable HIPAA rules and give them the confidence to carry out the guidelines that it sets forth.

HIPAA violations can be costly, with penalties of up to $1.5M and the possibilities of civil or criminal lawsuits, ethical violations, sanctions, and potential loss of medical licenses. That’s why proper training for your team is essential. Don’t take any chances: maintain a high level of compliance and mitigate risks by choosing the most trusted source of workplace training. Trust Easler, and get started on your HIPAA Training for Tribal Employees course today.

Upon successful completion of this HIPAA Awareness Training for Business Associates, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Role of a Business Associate: Gain a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities of a business associate under HIPAA, including the specifics of the Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

  • Apprehend HIPAA Laws and Regulations: Comprehend the key provisions of the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules and how they apply to business associates.

  • Identify Protected Health Information (PHI): Accurately identify what constitutes PHI under HIPAA, and understand the importance of its protection in various business operations and transactions.

  • Implement Safeguards for PHI: Develop the skills to design and implement administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect PHI, in accordance with the HIPAA Security Rule.

  • Recognize and Report Breaches: Gain the ability to identify potential breaches of PHI, understand the obligations for reporting such breaches under the Breach Notification Rule, and know how to respond effectively.

  • Manage Risk: Learn strategies for conducting regular HIPAA risk assessments and developing risk management plans to ensure ongoing compliance.

  • Foster a Culture of Compliance: Understand how to promote a culture of privacy and security within the organization, encouraging all employees to understand and respect the importance of HIPAA compliance.

  • Maintain Compliance Amid Changes: Stay updated on changes in HIPAA regulations, adapt to new requirements, and implement modifications in business practices as necessary.

  • Apply Learned Concepts: Successfully complete a final assessment with a score of 70% or greater, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the HIPAA regulations applicable to business associates and the ability to apply these regulations in real-world scenarios.

This HIPAA Awareness Training aims to provide business associates with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle PHI responsibly, contribute to the maintenance of a culture of compliance within their organizations, and uphold the highest standards of privacy and security.


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This course provides an estimated 1 hour of content and training and was made to meet or exceed all relevant federal or state training hour mandates, as well as any other certification or qualification requirements. While the duration is for planning and compliance purposes, the completion time may vary according to each learner’s pace, reading speed, and comprehension ability.


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HIPAA Compliant

This course is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of those who deal with HIPAA information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates that anyone who has access to protected health information (PHI) receives initial training and periodic refresher training

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