Workplace Harassment Training for Supervisors

Note: This course is a universal course designed to meet the needs of most employers. However, if you are located in the following states, you must take the state-specific courses found in the following links: Maine, California, Connecticut, Delaware, and Illinois.

Course Summary

This approximately one-hour course is designed to meet or exceed the minimum standards for both federal and state supervisor harassment and sexual harassment training requirements.

Help create a welcoming work culture through an informed workforce prepared to prevent, address, or resolve harassment in the workplace. Federal and state legislatures have recognized the profound need for employers to take an active role in preventing and appropriately addressing concerns over workplace harassment, sexual harassment, and bullying. 

This interactive course replete with periodic knowledge checks to verify engagement has been designed to keep supervisors actively engaged in the material for long-term retention of substantive and procedural knowledge and skills necessary to prevent and address harassment in the workplace.

Course Description

The Workplace Harassment Training for Supervisors course is an approximately one-hour interactive online course designed to comply with federal workplace harassment training requirements and that of most states.

This course should be used as part of a comprehensive training strategy incorporating a brief training on your company's policy on workplace harassment as well as Workplace Harassment Training for Employees course and Bystander Intervention Training.

While this course is comprehensive and meets the requirements of most states, if you must comply with the state-specific requirements of the following states, you must enroll in the state-specific supervisor harassment training course for the respective state, found in the links below:

  • Maine,
  • California,
  • Connecticut,
  • Delaware, and
  • Illinois.

Training Objectives

Training Objectives
Upon course completion, employees will be able to:

  • Define harassment and sexual harassment;
  • Understand state and federal laws prohibiting harassment and sexual harassment;
  • Identify different types of harassment and sexual harassment;
  • Synthesize examples of workplace harassment and sexual harassment;
  • Analyze difficult situations and determine to appropriately prevent and correct harassment and sexual harassment;
  • Recognize the illegality of retaliation;
  • Understand the remedies available to victims;
  • Know how to follow internal and external complaint procedures;
  • Contextualize the supervisor's role and responsibility in the organization regarding the identification and prevention of workplace harassment.

Course Features


Created by Attorneys

This course and its supplemental resources were created and reviewed by our team of attorneys.  


Live Customer Support

Students, managers and supervisors can contact us, chat with a us-based trainer to answer questions for the duration of the course by calling 1-888-390-5574, using our in-application live chat, or sending an email and we will respond within 60-minites during of regular business hours.


Learn Anytime & Anywhere

Our courses only expire when you're finished with the course, this means that employees don’t feel rushed into “cramming” for a course only to forget the material a week later and therefore perform better in practice and make fewer mistakes than in traditional training environments.


Credits Never Expire

Unused course credits never expire, so feel free to order bulk credits to receive maximum discounts.


Downloadable Certificate

Same-day certificate issuance after completing a course, downloadable in PDF format & printable.


Instant Manager Accounts

When a employer purchases two or more credits we will automatically create a manager account which can then be used to invite employee, keep all training certificates in one place that will help you stay compliant and well prepared for a audit conduct by the DOT.


Volume Discounts

Volume discounts for credits are automatically applied during the checkout process. Did you know that course credits never expire so feel free to purchase credits in bulk.


Instant Course Access

Employees receive instant course access right after registration or invitation sent by a training manager, or supervisor.


1 Hour of Learning

This course may take longer or shorter depending on student pace, reading, and comprehension level. 

Quantity: Price Per Credit:
1 - 4 $39.00
5 - 9 $34.60
10 - 19 $30.20
20 - 29 $25.80
30+ $21.40


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