DOT Urine Specimen Collector Basic Proficiency Training

This course does not include training supplies or mock demonstrations. For the full qualification course, which includes supplies and the required mock collections, click here.

The non-instructor lead, DOT Urine Specimen Collector Qualification Training, is designed for corporate or in-house trainers who need up-to-date training content, for those who need a quick refresher, or for new collectors who want to finish part one of their qualification.

With a strong emphasis on compliance, the training covers all essential aspects of urine specimen collection, ensuring collectors are well-versed in safety and security protocols as mandated by DOT guidelines. It thoroughly explains the regulations and guidelines governing urine specimen collection, including proper labeling, handling, and chain-of-custody procedures.

This training does not include rapid testing and does not include instructor-led mock collections, which are required to become fully qualified. The online training is delivered in a user-friendly and engaging manner, utilizing a combination of videos, documents, and interactive content to enhance the learning experience. It offers flexibility and convenience, allowing students to complete the course independently and at their own pace.

Upon successfully completing the course, learners must pass a written exam that evaluates their knowledge. A completion certificate is then awarded, serving as proof of qualification as a DOT Urine Specimen Collector, pending the completion of initial proficiency demonstrations.

This non-instructor-led course benefits professionals, corporate trainers, and employers who prefer to perform the mock collection in-house training initiatives. 

DOT Urine Specimen Collector Qualification Training is designed to train collectors in compliance with the Department of Transportation's (DOT) 49 CFR Part 40 requirements for specimen collection. The course offers Basic Information and Qualification Training pursuaunderR Part 40.33 and does not include mock collections, which are part of the qualification standards.

Training focuses on the safety and security protocols required to complete a urine specimen collection in accordance with DOT guidelines, including several "best practices" tips. It is important to note that the course does not cover on-site rapid testing, which is not used for urine-based drug testing under DOT protocols.

Learners will be introduced to the role and responsibilities of a urine specimen collector, followed by a regulation "study period" designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of DOT regulations related to urine specimen collection. This is followed by a full presentation covering all aspects of urine specimen collection, including correct specimen labeling, handling, and chain-of-custody procedures.

The written exam at the end of the course assesses the student's knowledge of the materials covered in the course. Upon completing the exam, students will receive a completion certificate, providing proof of qualification as a DOT Urine Specimen Collector, pending completion of the final portion of the training: the five error-free mock demonstrations.

The training is user-friendly and engaging, with interactive elements designed to make learning enjoyable and memorable. It includes instructive videos, detailed documents, valuable resources, and engaging content. The course can be completed at the learner's pace, allowing flexibility and convenience.

DOT Urine Specimen Collector Qualification Training benefits a wide range of professionals, including new collectors, business owners, supervisors, medical assistants, laboratory technicians, safety officers, and more. By completing this course, you will be taking a significant step towards enhancing your career and contributing to creating safer work environments.

It is important to note that this course does not include mock collections, which are part of the qualification standards. However, learners will receive comprehensive training on all other aspects of urine specimen collection as required by the Department of Transportation.

  • Understanding DOT Regulations: Learners will develop a comprehensive understanding of the Department of Transportation's CFR 49 part 40 regulations that govern urine specimen collection.
  • Compliance with Safety and Security Protocols: Learners will learn and adhere to the safety and security protocols essential for accurate and compliant urine specimen collection per DOT guidelines.
  • Demonstrating Knowledge of Collection Procedures: Learners will acquire a thorough knowledge of the proper procedures involved in urine specimen collection, including specimen labeling and handling protocols.
  • Ensuring Compliance with DOT Guidelines: Learners will familiarize themselves with the specific requirements outlined by the Department of Transportation for urine specimen collection and ensure adherence to these guidelines.
  • Preparing for the Written Exam: Learners will acquire the knowledge and understanding necessary to pass the written exam that tests proficiency in DOT urine specimen collection procedures.
  • Obtaining the Qualification Certificate: Upon successfully completing the course and passing the written exam, learners will receive a qualification certificate as proof of meeting the initial training requirements for qualification.

DOT Compliant Training

The course is made to meet or exceed the stringent training and certification benchmarks established by federal and state regulatory bodies across all 50 states and their territories, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and any country following DOT regulations for agencies including FMCSA, FAA, FTA, FRA, USCG, and PHMSA, along with other jurisdictions that apply DOT guidelines.


Content Made and Reviewed by Attorneys

Taking a course developed and reviewed by attorneys with expertise in their subjects ensures learners receive accurate and relevant content. Their specialized knowledge translates into practical insights, preparing learners for real-world applications.


Collector Support® for Drug Testing

Learners, managers, and supervisors have direct access to our team of trainers for inquiries, assistance, or questions. Reach out to a US-based trainer by calling or sending an email. We are committed to responding quickly during regular business hours, ensuring you receive timely support to enhance your learning experience.


Credits Expire Only After Acceptance

Content credits provide a flexible approach to training, only expiring when the user accepts the course invitation. This means training managers can purchase credits ahead of time, enjoy cost savings, and be free to allocate training as it suits training schedules or organizational needs.


Download Certificates Upon Completion

After course completion, learners can immediately download their training certificates. Managers and trainers will also have the ability to view and download certificates for their employees, streamlining the documentation of completed training.


Learn On-the-Go: Accessible Education Anytime, Anywhere

Our eLearning platform, with its intuitive design, is accessible across all modern desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, ensuring a seamless learning experience. Our courses remain active until completion, eliminating the need to rush and promoting better retention, performance in practice, and reduced errors compared to conventional training methods.


Estimated 4 Hours of Learning

This course includes an estimated 4 hours of content and training and was made to meet or exceed all relevant federal or state training hour mandates, as well as any other certification or qualification requirements. While the duration is for planning and compliance purposes, the completion time may vary according to each learner’s pace, reading speed, and comprehension ability.

Additional Resources

Learners looking to expand their learning experience can purchase additional resources like books and guides or subscribe to our social media accounts on Linkedin and YouTube to reinforce their knowledge. These tools and resources strengthen ability, improve practical skills, and enhance compliance and practical rule application.

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