How To Prepare For Virtual Mock Collections?

Mock collection for drug and alcohol testing training through the course by following the instructions in your final assignment. A mock collection, also referred to as an "initial proficiency demonstration" or simply "mock," is conducted under the supervision of a qualified instructor. This exercise ensures you possess the necessary skills to collect specimens or perform tests accurately according to established procedures.

Mock collections are typically carried out via video conference. For these sessions, known as "dry" collections, you do not need another person present. Ensure you have the training materials, which usually take 3-5 days to arrive. Please note that alcohol testing training supplies are not included in the training fee and must be purchased separately.

Learners will require a reliable internet connection, a computer, a webcam, and audio capabilities to enable the instructor to observe and communicate with them effectively.

During the virtual training, the instructor will guide you through the entire process, including:

  • Accurately completing necessary paperwork;
  • Handling challenging scenarios such as dry bladder situations or test refusals;
  • Addressing any questions from other course sections;
  • Training on the proper chain of custody procedures;
  • Discussing relevant federal or state laws.

Upon completing the required mock collections, you must submit the forms filled out during training as a single PDF, and the instructor will review these documents to ensure they are complete, correct, and error-free. If any issues are found, the instructor will reject the assignment and provide instructions for correction. After making the necessary adjustments, rescan the forms and re-upload them to the same assignment, and after completing all required steps, a certificate will be awarded.

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