How Do Credits Work in Your LMS Subscriptions?

Our LMS Subscriptions allow for unlimited users and come with a designated number of credits every month or year depending on which subscription plan you select. 

Key Takeaways

  1. One credit is equivalent to one course enrollment for one user.
  2. Every course requires only one credit to enroll one user.
  3. Every subscription comes with a base number of universal credits which can be supplemented by purchasing additional at a per credit a la carte price or by upgrading to a higher tier.
  4. Universal credits can be earmarked for a particular course by assigning them through our "allocate credits" feature.
  5. The "allocate credits" feature is useful for setting up Managers in the system who will send their own invites and monitor their own Learners' progress.
  6. If you run out of credits, you will not be able to register new enrollments.

Universal Pool of Credits
Your portal has a universal pool of credits that replenishes as needed. This universal pool can be used to allocate towards any individual course credits. For example, if you had 10 credits in the universal pool, you can allocate all 10 to the DOT Supervisor course or 5 to one course and 5 to another, etc. or choose not to allocate any and let the system automatically deduct credits when registered manually.

Allocated Credits

​Once universal credits are allocated to a course they can then be used for manual enrollments (i.e. registering an existing user or creating a new user and registering them when you are logged in as the admin). To accomplish this, simply find the User in the "Users" tab, use the three dots to the right of their name to "View Profile" and then select "Enroll User".

These credits allocated to an individual course can also be given to individual managers who are registered to the course. To do so, from the Admin role, first verify there are the necessary number of credits allocated to that course by selecting "Assign Credits" from the Admin Dashboard. The number of credits available is listed in green. If the number is 0 or negative, you will not be able to assign credits until you allocate additional credits from your credit pool to the course as described above.

​Once the necessary number of credits is verified, select the course from the "Courses" tab. Then select the "Managers" tab along the top of the course page. Find the manager you wish to give credits to and use the three dots to the right of their name to assign them credits. 

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