Drug Testing Expert Witness Service

Are you an employment attorney or employer and need expert witness testimony related to a workplace drug and alcohol testing case?

Andrew David Easler, Esq is a leading subject matter expert in all aspects of drug screening, drug-free workplaces including training, rules, regulations, procedures, and practices of federally regulated (United States Department of Transportation and Department of Health and Human Services DOT/HHS regulations) and non-federally regulated (Non-DOT) drug and alcohol testing programs.

Andrew Easler has authored a host of articles and several textbooks on drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. Easler has shared his expertise as both a consultant and an instructor with more than 90 unique courses reaching tens of thousands of students internationally. Andrew Easler’s training programs have been recognized and utilized by industry associations, other expert witnesses, Fortune 500 companies, top universities, tribal organizations, and federal, state, and local government.

Why Retain Andrew Easler as an Expert Witness?

  • Leading Expert: Andrew Easler regularly trains and consults with public and private employers across North America in all aspects of federal and state drug and alcohol policy and compliance.

  • Qualified By Education and Training: Mr. Easler earned his Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from the University of Central Florida in 2014 and earned his Juris Doctorate from the Florida A&M University College of Law in 2020. In addition, he has completed dozens of related training courses providing a foundation for his expertise in the field.

  • Qualified By Skill: Andrew Easler regularly trains and consults with public and private employers across North America regarding the implementation of or compliance with federal and state-regulated drug and alcohol testing programs.

  • Qualified By Reputation: As an established provider for workplace drug and alcohol testing training, Mr. Easler’s courses are widely adopted and recognized including by industry associations, other subject matter experts, state licensing organizations, and service agents. Mr. Easler has published widely on topics related to his profession including three textbooks on drug and alcohol testing program implementation and compliance.

  • Broad Expertise: Andrew Easler’s expertise expands to a wide range of drug and alcohol testing-related topics ranging from Designated Employer Representative (DER) training programs for each DOT agency covered by the 49 CFR Part 40, to specimen collection courses, workplace drug and alcohol testing law courses and supervisor reasonable suspicion training.

Andrew Easler is available as either a testifying or non-testifying expert witness in either state or federal court and is able to provide expert opinions in matters related to drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures.

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Andrew David Easler, Esq.

Published Textbooks

Andrew has published a variety of industry-specific textbooks which can be found on his author profile at Amazon.com.



 Earned his Juris Doctorate in December, 2020 from Florida A&M University College of Law


Earned his Bachelor of Science in English Language Arts Education in 2014 from the University of Central Florida


Was admitted to the Florida Bar to practice law.

Andrew David Easler, Esq.

Research, Review and Consultation

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Deposition and/or Trial

Services during depositions and/or trial, as either a witness or consultant, are $450 per hour; with a $600 minimum.



Travel Cost

Travel time is $75 per hour, from portal to portal. There is a one-hour minimum travel charge. The client is responsible for all reasonable and customary travel expenses. Automobile mileage is billed at the current IRS standard mileage rate or as otherwise agreed.




A minimum retainer in the amount of $3,000 will be required prior to beginning work on new case assignments and will be held and applied to the last invoice.



Cancelation Fees

A quarter day expense (2 hours) is incurred when scheduled meetings, depositions and/or trial dates are cancelled within seven calendar days of the event.



Billing Services are billed at the end of each calendar month. Payment is due immediately upon receipt of invoice; a 1½ % interest per month charge for unpaid invoice balances may be charged after 30 days.