Non-DOT Designated Employer Representative Training (DER)

Non-DOT General Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training is a 2-hour self-paced online course designed to provide learners with the knowledge and a DER qualification. The course has been developed by subject matter expert in drug and alcohol testing and attorney Andrew Easler. 

Training is specifically tailored to help learners understand the unique requirements of employers who operate outside the regulatory oversight of the Department of Transportation (DOT) or any federal agency, and this covers the challenges and legal landscapes faced by businesses when performing drug and alcohol testing on employers, training provides learners with the understanding and skills needed to maintain a drug and alcohol-free work environment that adheres to best practices and ethical standards, even in the absence of federal regulations.

The course focuses on the nuances and intricacies related to substance use policies in non-DOT workplaces, ensuring employers are adequately prepared to address their specific organizational needs and effectively carry out their responsibilities in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

On completion, students will clearly understand the duties and responsibilities inherent to the DER role in the context of non-DOT-regulated workplaces and provide participants the confidence and competence to navigate the complexities of maintaining a drug and alcohol-free environment.

This course would be highly advantageous for, but not limited to:

  • Managers and supervisors seeking comprehensive knowledge to create and maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace.
  • HR professionals tasked with the implementation and management of substance use policies.
  • Small business owners who would like to foster a drug and alcohol-free culture within their operations.
  • Compliance officers or equivalent roles are dedicated to upholding regulatory compliance and ethical guidelines concerning substance use in the workplace.
  • Any individual appointed as the Designated Employer Representative in workplaces not regulated by the DOT.

Non-DOT General DER Training is an essential investment in workplace safety, productivity, and ethical standards. Training creates a safer and healthier environment and may minimize the risk of discriminatory or prejudiced practices related to substance misuse. Equip your team with this crucial training to promote fair and responsible workplace practices.

Non-DOT General Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training is an online self-paced course created by subject matter expert and attorney Andrew Easler. It is designed explicitly for workplaces not regulated by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) or any federal agency, offering a thorough understanding of the DER role within this context.

A Designated Employer Representative, or DER, is a critical figure in any organization, serving as the main point of contact for drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures. The role is integral in managing a drug and alcohol-free workplace. In a non-DOT regulated company, the DER can be any employee appointed by the employer, often someone in a managerial, supervisory, or human resources role, and it is also common for small business owners to take on the DER role themselves.

The need for a DER in non-DOT regulated workplaces is critical because DERs serve as the nexus for communication and decision-making related to substance use and misuse. Their role involves a range of responsibilities, from explaining policies and procedures to employees to handling testing logistics and dealing with the outcomes of substance testing. A properly trained DER fosters a culture of awareness, safety, and accountability concerning drug and alcohol use in the workplace.

Enrolling in DER training significantly benefits both the individual and the organization. A trained DER can confidently handle matters related to drug and alcohol use, ensuring the integrity of the company's testing procedures, reducing the potential for legal issues, and safeguarding employee rights. These actions contribute to a healthier, safer, and more productive work environment and enhance the company's reputation for commitment to employee well-being.

Over two hours, this online course provides learners will learn critical aspects of the DER role in non-DOT regulated environments and will gain an understanding of the complexities of maintaining a drug and alcohol-free workplace, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the relevant responsibilities.

Our Non-DOT General DER Training is an exceptional resource for employers and employees. Enrolling in training signifies an employer's willingness and investment in workplace safety, productivity, and ethical standards. This training fosters a substance-free environment and cultivates responsible workplace practices.

Upon successful completion of the Non-DOT General Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training, participants will be equipped to:

  • Comprehend and fulfill a DER's pivotal role and responsibilities in a non-DOT-regulated environment.
  • Formulate, enforce, and oversee robust drug and alcohol-free workplace policies.
  • Deliver comprehensive training to staff members, promoting clarity about substance use policies and testing procedures.
  • Make informed, sound judgments about when to initiate substance testing and when to record a refusal.
  • Manage the full spectrum of drug and alcohol testing scenarios, including pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion tests.
  • Implement appropriate follow-up measures following a positive drug or alcohol test result.
  • Maintain open, clear communication with employees about drug and alcohol policies, fostering an environment of transparency.
  • Protect employee rights and uphold confidentiality during testing, reinforcing trust and respect.
  • Navigate potential legal complexities related to workplace drug and alcohol use with confidence.
  • Cultivate a culture of safety, accountability, and openness concerning substance use within the organization.
  • Continuously adapt and revise drug and alcohol policies in response to shifting legal landscapes and organizational requirements.
  • Maintain meticulous records of all drug and alcohol testing activities, facilitating accurate auditing and compliance.
  • Exhibit a deep understanding of industry terminology and the protocols associated with applicable Non-DOT regulations.
  • Showcase course content proficiency by achieving a 75% or greater score in the concluding online assessment.

State Compliant

This course meets or exceeds the training requirements in all 50-states. However, in some instances additional licensing or permitting acquired through state agencies may be required prior to conducting Non-DOT tests.


Created by Attorneys

This course and its supplemental resources were created and reviewed by our team of attorneys.  


Live Customer Support

Students, managers and supervisors can contact us, chat with a us-based trainer to answer questions for the duration of the course by calling 1-888-390-5574, using our in-application live chat, or sending an email and we will respond within 60-minites during of regular business hours.


Learn Anytime & Anywhere

Our courses only expire when you're finished with the course, this means that employees don’t feel rushed into “cramming” for a course only to forget the material a week later and therefore perform better in practice and make fewer mistakes than in traditional training environments.


Credits Never Expire

Unused course credits never expire, so feel free to order bulk credits to receive maximum discounts.


Instant Course Access

Employees receive instant course access right after registration or invitation sent by a training manager, or supervisor.


2 Hours of Learning

This course may take longer or shorter to complete depending on student pace, reading, and comprehension level.


Downloadable Certificate

Same-day certificate issuance after completing a course, downloadable in PDF format & printable.


Instant Manager Accounts

When a employer purchases two or more credits we will automatically create a manager account which can then be used to invite employee, keep all training certificates in one place that will help you stay compliant and well prepared for a audit conduct by the DOT.


Approved for CE Credits

We are an Approved Education Provider with many human resources certification organizations, licensing bodies and regulatory agencies throughout the world and we offer continuing education credits (CE credits) with the majority of our courses.


Additional Resources

Employers can purchase training and reference books which will assist students and supervisors in understanding the regulations involved for each applicable DOT sub agency including the FMCSA, FAA, FRA, FTA, PHMSA and USCG.

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