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DOT/NON-DOT EBT/BAT Breath Alcohol &  Device Training

Table of Contents:

Select a Breath Alcohol Technician Course

Who Needs Breath Alcohol Training?

What is a Breah Alcohol Testing Technician?

Why is Breath Alcohol Important?

How is Breath Alcohol Testing Conducted?

Select a Breath Alcohol Technician Course


Select a EBT/BAT Technician Training Course

Who Needs Breath Alcohol Testing Training?

  • Breath alcohol testing training, commonly called BAT training, is for federal (DOT/HHS) and non-federal (state-specific) workplace testing environments.

    Our DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Course will cover all three components of training required by federal regulation 49 CFR Part 40.213 and also includes Non-DOT breath alcohol testing protocols.

    • Basic Information
    • Qualification Training
    • Initial Proficiency Demonstrations

    These training procedures are widely recognized by most states as qualifying technicians to conduct Non-DOT breath alcohol testing and DOT and other federal workplace breath alcohol tests.

    Device training is included in the DOT Breath Alcohol Technician course; however, any qualified BAT who switches Evidential Breath Testing (EBT) devices must complete device training on the new device before it can be utilized. Only BATs in this scenario should select the device training course that corresponds with the device they intend to utilize.

What is Breath Alcohol Testing?

Why is Reasonable Suspicion Training Important?

How is Breath Alcohol Testing Conducted?


Featured Legal Research on Alcohol Testing


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Breath Alcohol Technician Training (BAT)