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software updates

Coming soon:

  • Outgoing electronic payments

June, 22 2022

  • Insurance reporting: Users now have a new report that breaks down all of their tenant's insurance policies, or lack thereof.
  • Usability updates: We've recently taken to making the software more intuitive and self explained and in that effort we've updated several descriptions throughout the software, added tooltips in some spots, and even linked our knowledge base in various pages as well.
  • Added the ability to autofill vendors on expenses and bills when creating one using the global menu from a vendors page

June, 2 2022

  • Added a manual bank reconciliation feature
  • Added a rental applications report
  • Added ability to manually record reversed payments (for payments made outside the system)

May, 16 2022

  • Added recurring tasks and work orders
  • Added recurring bills and expenses
  • Added reference number to tasks