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Why More Drug Testing Training Companies are Throwing Out Schedules

  • By: Andrew Easler, Esq.
  • Published: Oct, 7 2021
  • Updated: Nov, 30 2022

When it’s time to have your employees receive drug testing training, trying to figure out how to get everyone to the course can be a daunting task. However, drug testing training companies have made it easier and more convenient than ever, making sure you don’t have to worry about schedules ever again.

Previous Course Options

Previously, if you wanted drug testing training for employees, you would have to coordinate schedules and deal with the expenses of travel to get everyone to the classroom for the course. Typically, the class would not hold more than 15 people, so larger groups would have to be split up, which meant more time off work so people could attend. While classroom drug testing training is still available and works perfectly for some, others find it challenging to fit their company into that type of training schedule.

You also have the option of having onsite training, which is where the instructor visits your facility to provide the training. This option eliminates the need for coordinating schedules and covering travel expenses, which is a definite bonus for most businesses. However, it also requires a large area of your facility and many even require you to shut down for training day if all of the employees require it.

While both of these drug testing training schedules work for some people, that doesn’t mean they work for everyone. As a result, drug testing companies have also come up with online and hybrid courses to make it easier to fit the training into your schedule.

Online Drug Testing Training

Online courses make drug testing training schedules a thing of the past. Since the course is entirely online, your employees can take it whenever it is convenient for them. There is no travel or additional expenses involved, and if the only time an employee is available is at 1 AM, that is perfectly fine. The audio and video portions are always available so they can log on whenever it works for them.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid drug testing training courses are another option that is available for your employees. This type of course doesn’t eliminate the drug testing training schedule completely, but it does make it more adaptable. A major portion of the course is online, which students can take at their leisure, whenever their schedule permits. The final part of the certification is an in-person portion that can be in the classroom or onsite, ensuring you can find a way to fit it in with your business and employee needs.

No matter which type of course you choose, your employees will still receive the same quality certification – just without that pesky drug testing training schedule that can quickly make it seem impossible for you to ever have your employees trained.

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