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Rapid Blue® Dissolvable Bluing Tablets Picks Up First Distributor

  • By: Andrew Easler, Esq.
  • Published: Oct, 7 2021
  • Updated: Nov, 30 2022

DrugTestingCourses.com, the maker of Rapid Blue® Dissolvable Bluing Tablets, announced today that is has signed its first distribution agreement with DrugTestingSupplies.com to distribute its flagship product.

“Over the past few years, our team has been working tirelessly to develop ‘Made in America’ products for the drug and alcohol testing industry. We are thrilled to announce our first official distributor with DrugTestingSupplies.com” says James Timothy White, Co-Founder and CEO of Easler Education Inc.

Easler Education operates DrugTestingCourses.com and plans to expand its manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Florida to multiply its American-made product offering for the drug and alcohol testing and medical industry by 2020. This expansion is expected to create several new manufacturing jobs in Brevard County, Florida.

“Rapid Blue® is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from preventing tampering in urine collection for drug testing purposes to leak detection in pool and plumbing applications,” Wade Douty, instructor for DrugTestingCourses.com explains, “users of blue dye often go for the cheapest brand out there without a second thought–the consequences can be seen in dye dilution and ineffective dispersion, both of which negate the purpose of using the tablets in the first place. I am happy to be working with a company that cares about quality and consistency and keeping jobs local.”

Company co-founder Andrew Easler, recalls, “We strive to do what we can to stay local with our business and support the regional economy by making products here in Central Florida. We had several consultants tell us to go to China or Mexico, but we ultimately decided that it was safer and simpler to keep operations right here in the United States.”

William Bierline, CEO of DTC Medical Supplies Inc. which operates DrugTestingSupplies.com, explains, “We are happy to be the first distributor of the Rapid Blue® brand tablets and even happier they are made locally. We are seeing an uptick in requests for quality, ‘Made in America’ products and Rapid Blue® fills that need for our discerning customers. However, it is more than just filling a need in the market; it is about supporting local business and committing to something bigger than yourself or your company.”

For more information on becoming a distributor of Rapid Blue® branded products please send an email to [email protected]

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