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Is Online Drug Testing Training Right for Your Needs?

  • By: Andrew Easler, Esq.
  • Published: Sep, 3 2015
  • Updated: Dec, 20 2022

Drug testing training can prepare you for a rewarding career working with DOT-regulated companies, private employers, and in other areas. Many companies today have Drug Free Workplace policies that prohibit employees from working under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While transportation companies might have greater needs in this area, the need is present across most industries. What other careers can you say that about? Not many. Of course, you’ll need the right training to get started, but you’ll find that online drug testing training might be a better fit for your needs than traditional classroom-based learning.

The Advent of Online Learning

Once upon a time, any training worth its name was conducted in person. That’s because other training options simply didn’t provide the breadth of learning possibilities or have the ability to instill information as accurately as a human instructor. Online drug testing training couples all the benefits of in-person education with the advantages of distance learning to create something unique. Online learning allows you to take your training on any Internet-connected device, learn through text, videos, interactive experience, and more, without ever having to be physically present in a classroom.

The Advantages

Enrolling in an online drug testing training course gives you a number of advantages. First, your coursework can be completed on your schedule, even from the comfort of your home. Second, it takes less time than traditional courses, and there’s no need to travel, which cuts down on wasted time and money spent on gas. Third, online courses offer the flexibility you need to fit your regular schedule, allowing you easily fit in your education even if you’re already working a fulltime job.

Multiple Career Paths

Online drug training testing gives you the opportunity to explore a number of related careers. You’ll find specimen collection courses, train the trainer courses, breath test technician courses, and many others available with the right education provider. This allows you to choose your career path with confidence.

DOT Approved

Online drug testing training is actually approved by the DOT, which is one of the single greatest authorities in the industry, influencing even companies that don’t operate in the DOT-controlled transportation industry.

As a final note, make sure you take your time and choose the right course provider. Not all online courses are created equal, and your career isn’t something you should leave up to chance.

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