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Drug Testing Training Prepares You for a Rewarding Career

  • By: Andrew Easler, Esq.
  • Published: Feb, 1 2015
  • Updated: Dec, 20 2022

For those seeking a fulfilling career with plenty of potentials, drug testing training can give you the starting point you need. Why has drug testing become so popular? To understand that, you must understand the roles that these professionals fill.

DOT and Non-DOT Testing

When it comes to employment drug testing (pre-employment, post-accident, etc.), you’ll find two types – DOT and non-DOT. Transportation companies fall under the authority of the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Companies outside this sphere are considered non-DOT. Transportation companies have very different requirements when it comes to drug testing procedures, drugs tested for, testing frequency, and other considerations than non-DOT companies do.

The Demand

Drug testing training can prepare you for a role in either DOT testing or non-DOT testing. In both cases, you’ll find that the positions carry similar names. For instance, you might choose to become a professional sample collector, or a breath test technician. The demand for these skilled trades is growing due to several factors. First, as more businesses come online, the demand for professional testing services increases. Federal regulations also continue to tighten, further increasing demand.

Potential Roles

There are numerous roles you can play with the right drug testing training. One of the most in-demand is that of professional sample collector, mentioned previously. These professionals do more than just collect urine samples, though. They’re responsible for labeling and record keeping, for communicating with the employees giving specimens, and for thwarting attempts to alter samples or pass off fake ones.

Breath test technicians use breathalyzer equipment to test for the presence of alcohol on an employee’s breath, but they also perform other functions. Drug testing training for this field also prepares you to work with technology, to keep accurate records, and for dealing with employees in a variety of different situations.

The Key to Success

No matter what field interests you, the key is to go through drug testing training with a reputable training provider. There is no accreditation process in this industry, which can make it hard to find a good provider. Base your decision on the training provider’s adherence to DOT standards if you’re interested in becoming DOT certified. You should also ensure that the organization has been around for some time, as refresher courses are mandatory, and it’s always a better choice to use the same organization for those courses.

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