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Dispelling Myth: Understanding How to Become DOT Qualified

  • By: Andrew Easler, Esq.
  • Published: Mar, 29 2016
  • Updated: Dec, 20 2022

You already know that adding DOT certified urine specimen testing services can add significantly to your drug testing business. However, you have also heard all the myths that abound about what you have to do in order to become certified. Believe it or not, the main thing you have to do is to take the correct DOT-certified urine specimen collector and/or breath alcohol training course.

DOT Urine Specimen Collector Certification

If you want to be able to provide drug screens for the Department of Transportation workers, this course will give you the knowledge that you need in order to do so. After taking the course, you will be able to meet all of the DOT certification requirements, including:

  • Understanding “DOT Urine Specimen Collection Procedures Guidelines”
  • Proper procedures and steps required for correct collection and CCF transmission
  • How to deal with collections involving issues like tampering or shy bladder
  • Understanding of correctable and fatal flaws and how to deal with problems during collection
  • How to maintain the integrity of the collection process and protect employee privacy
  • Completion of the five mock collections required under DOT certification

By choosing a course that provides all of this information, you will have your certification for DOT urine screening.

DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Training

For certification to perform breath alcohol testing, the course you take will need to follow similar guidelines. The course must cover the Part 40 regulations and any Department of Transportation regulations that apply to the employers for whom you will be performing tests. You are required to take a certification course, and you will also have to pass a proficiency demonstration. Additionally, the course will ensure that you understand how to protect employee privacy and conduct yourself in a way that ensures comments won’t be construed as inappropriate or offensive while performing the screening.

The proficiency demonstration for breath alcohol technicians involves seven mock tests that have to be error-free and performed in succession. These demonstrations are designed to ensure that you understand how to use and read the equipment, deal with errors and malfunctions and that you understand the calibration check procedures.

While it is true that you have to be certified in order to provide DOT urine specimen collection or breath alcohol testing, the process is actually very simple. You take the appropriate courses to receive your certification and you can start performing the tests. You don’t have to be certified by the Department of Transportation or any related government entity. Additionally, once you are certified, you can take your certification with you to any employer, as it is not site-specific.

Now that you know the truth about how to become DOT certified, choose the services you want to provide, take the course, and get started on your new career.

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