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  • 4 Considerations in How to Become DOT Certified to Become a Drug Testing Collector

4 Considerations in How to Become DOT Certified to Become a Drug Testing Collector

  • By: Andrew Easler, Esq.
  • Published: Jan, 4 2015
  • Updated: Dec, 20 2022

In the world of DOT drug testing, there are several important roles that must be filled by qualified professionals. One of the most crucial and in-demand is the qualified specimen collector. These individuals are ultimately responsible for collecting urine samples and then ensuring they reach the laboratory where testing occurs. However, there’s much more involved, and the training process carries with it a few surprises. Let’s cover four considerations in how to become DOT certified to become a drug testing collector.

DOT Training

First, the DOT does not offer training for aspiring sample collectors. The DOT also does not maintain any list or database of qualified training providers. There is no accreditation process involved here, either. This can complicate matters when seeking training in this field. The best rule of thumb is to ensure that the education provider you choose is reputable, adheres to DOT guidelines for sample collection professional training, and has a history of successful graduates.

Refresher Training

As with most other professional certifications, drug testing sample collectors will need to go through a refresher course. This must be done every five years. Without completing a refresher course on the specified timeline, you will lose your credentials. In addition, the DOT states that it is the professional’s responsibility to stay up to date with changes in procedures and policies between refresher courses.

Where to Work

Once you’ve earned your qualification by completing a collector course, you will need to find work. The DOT does not provide placement. However, as a qualified specimen collector, you have several options. For instance, you could choose to work for a drug testing center, or you could create your own business and partner with area laboratories and DOT companies.

Provide Proof of Qualification

Completing a qualifying course will give you a certificate, but there may be a need to provide further proof of your qualifications. For instance, an agency inspector may require that you provide a signed letter from the qualified trainer, or that you complete a proficiency demonstration.

These are only a few of the considerations you’ll have to make in how to become DOT certified to become a drug testing collector. The key is to complete the right training course from a reputable provider that supplies all the required qualification proofs and will be available when refresher training is needed.

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