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Our courses have been created by attorney, educator, and drug testing expert, Andrew Easler, a trusted resource for employers, credentialing organizations, and professional practices to deliver exceptional drug and alcohol training courses.

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Find drug and alcohol testing training courses developed by lawyers and industry experts.

Not all drug training companies are created equal.

Our drug and alcohol training courses, drug-free workplace solitons and attorneys have been recognized and approved by certification and credentialing boards around the world to provide meaningful training and drug-free workplace solutions their members, employees and stakeholders.

Drug-free workplace solutions and policy development.

Are you implementing the most cost-effective strategy for maintaining a drug-free workplace? Are you eligible for workers’ compensation discounts and unemployment and workers’ compensation denial following positive test results?

Our employer solutions include training and advice on the benefits and drawbacks of integrating all or some of your drug-free workplace program in-house as well as training and tools to manage a drug-free workplace program in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.

Diversify a practice, earn more, increase sales of your other services.

Are you a chiropractor, physician, health and safety consultant, or another professional interested in learning more about growing and diversifying your new or existing practice by offering drug and alcohol testing?

If so, we can help expand your practice and reach new customers, which can even increase sales of other existing services because more customer traffic means more exposure for your brands other related services.

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Hire our founder, industry expert, and attorney.

Andrew David Easler, Esq is a leading subject matter expert in all aspects of a drug-free workplace including training, rules, regulations, procedures, and practices of federally regulated (United States Department of Transportation and Department of Health and Human Services DOT/HHS regulations) and non-federally regulated (Non-DOT) drug and alcohol testing programs.

Andrew Easler has authored a host of articles and several textbooks on drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. Easler has shared his expertise as both a consultant and an instructor with more than 90 unique courses reaching tens of thousands of students internationally. Andrew Easler’s training programs have been recognized and utilized by industry associations, other expert witnesses, Fortune 500 companies, top universities, tribal organizations, and federal, state, and local government.

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