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Course Overview

FAA reasonable suspicion training and reasonable cause training for supervisors is designed to assist employers with ensuring compliance and safety in the aviation industry. Supervisors of safety-sensitive personnel covered by federal aviation regulations must be capable of making determinations to test an employee suspected of prohibited drug or alcohol use. This  training must be supplemented with

The FAA regulations 14 C.F.R. § 120.115(c) and 120.217(d) govern the training requirements for supervisors who will make reasonable cause and reasonable suspicion determinations for employees covered by the FAA drug and alcohol testing regulations. Section 120.115 covers training requirements for determinations to test based on suspicion of controlled substance (drug) use while Section 120.217 covers training requirements for determinations to test based on suspicion of alcohol use. Together, they require 60 minutes of training on specific, contemporaneous physical, behavioral, and performance indicators of probable drug use and 60 minutes of training on the detection of symptoms of alcohol misuse based on specific, contemporaneous, articulable observations concerning the appearance, behavior, speech or body odors of the employee.

This course is designed to comply with these regulations as part of an FAA-regulated employer’s overall Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Use this course to comply with the recurrent/refresher training requirements and use the initial training course to comply with the initial training requirements found in 14 C.F.R. § 120.115(c)(4).

Our FAA Reasonable Suspicion training course is a 2.5-hour training course that includes the required 60-minutes of training on alcohol misuse and 60-minutes on substance use.

Why should you enroll in the FAA Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training course?

  • According to the FAA, Employers must provide training to all persons who supervise drivers subject to the regulations. The consequences of not completing the mandated minimum training can, at the least, result in fines and penalties and at the worst serious injuries and liability.
  • All supervisors making reasonable suspicion determinations should be trained on the signs and symptoms in order to make the call and avoid potential liabilities.
  • Avoid safety risks by identifying the signs and symptoms of substance use and abuse in the workplace.
  • Courses in this package are approved for continuing education credits, which means they have met very high standards by the top accrediting substance abuse institutions.


  • Successful supervisors will be able to recognize suspicious activity and behavior with a 100% proficiency.
  • Successful students will be able to express an understanding of industry terms and the protocols involved with the reasonable suspicion determinations by completing an online quiz with 75% or greater proficiency.
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