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Earn recertification credits and stay up-to-date with industry-specific laws and regulations

At WorkTraining.com, we understand that keeping up with ever-evolving regulations can be challenging for both employees and employers. That's why our Continuing Education Credits program places a strong emphasis on compliance training to help you navigate complex requirements and ensure that you remain compliant.

Our courses cover a wide range of compliance topics, including workplace safety, HIPAA, sexual harassment prevention, and more. Developed by industry experts, our courseware is designed to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, so you can stay ahead of regulatory changes and maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

Whether you're an employee looking to expand your knowledge or an employer seeking to train your staff, our Continuing Education Credits program offers flexible and convenient online courses that fit your busy schedule. So why wait? Start earning recertification credits today and ensure that you and your staff remain compliant with the latest regulations. Enroll now at WorkTraining.com.

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Based on 66 reviews

Rosy Olayo
September, 5 2023

The courses are quite well done, offering a depth of understanding that's essential for our line of work. The legal insights are a game-changer, but it would be great to have some more interactive elements to boost engagement.

Andrew was absolutely amazing he answered all of my questions and more I’m excited to further my training and drug testing education with his program! Thanks Andrew your program is awesome!

Floria Washington
February, 7 2023

There are not many vendors out there with comprehensive drug free workplace content. The content is thorough and improved our approach to DFW training. Andrew is responsive and made adjustments and improvements as needed after implementation.

Dorothy Blauser
September, 5 2023

The platform offers a good balance between functionality and ease of use. We've had a few technical hitches, but their support team quickly resolved these.

Sherry SMITH
March, 23 2023

Very professional 👏. I became sick during my mock testing and I did not want to reschedule. They worked with me through the process. I'm very grateful they let me continue on so I could get this training completed!

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