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Earn a certificate with our approved training courses in risk, regulatory, and compliance fields.

Our training courses have been recognized and approved by certification and credentialing boards around the world to provide meaningful continuing education to their members.

We are constantly being recognized by more organizations for more courses; to find out if your board has already approved one or more of our courses, please visit our approved provider list.

If your organization isn’t listed there yet, you can send us an email with your name, organization, and the courses you are interested in taking and we’ll get our team working on becoming an approved provider right away.

Experienced where it matters most.

With the dynamic nature and ever-changing regulatory framework in today’s political and business environment it is more important than ever to ensure that your decisions are backed by sound legal research.

From well-researched training courses to independent legal research services for law firms and consultants, our team of expertly-trained attorneys and legal researchers provide peace of mind through updates on current legislative changes as well as case law impacting your industry on a state and federal level.

We can help your organization research, develop, and deploy custom training content.

Not all training content and companies are the same. Our attorneys and instructional designers can assist with planning, researching, and deploying custom training content that you can load to third-party learning management systems, deploy on our platform, or resell others.

Our mission is to develop and deploy content that improves employee performance through operations proficiency, regulatory knowledge, and industry best practices.

To speak with our content creators, schedule a call.

Work and Learn at your own pace.

Our goal has always been to provide quality training and an exceptional learning experience. Part of achieving this goal is avoiding the common frustrations involved in training–including removing expiration dates on courses.

This not only keeps training within budget and results in less administrative burden, but it also keeps pressure low on the employee and improves overall retention.

Research in medical terminology education shows a correlation between high pressure learning environments and lower comprehension levels. Without a final deadline, the burden of rushing through a course to complete it before its expiration is eliminated and thus employees are more likely to work at their own pace and retain critical information.

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